I know what you’re thinking. And yes, apparently Hell HAS frozen over!

Sarah and I are moving to Birmingham, Alabama in September. It is an incredibly exciting, scary, joyful, tear filled, stressful, pain in the butt process! But we’re doing our best to enjoy the journey. It has honestly been the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make (marrying Sarah was the easiest).

I will be leaving Legacy Sound Productions, a company I’ve loved working for over the last 7 years, to join the team at Church of the Highlands. I’ll be their Lighting Director and one of their graphic designers. I’m looking forward to the challenges and the experience of working in such a large and growing church as well as being a mere 9 hour drive from Disney World. There are five campuses around Birmingham and surrounding cities that hold multiple services each week and I’ll be developing a team of volunteers to run and maintain the lighting systems in place.

Sarah will also get to be at “home” again with her family…which she is thrilled about. She has done such a great job getting used to Colorado and even suggested we go hiking last weekend(!!). I think she’s most excited about being near our niece Ayden again. They video chat several times a week and Ayden kisses her Aunt Sassy on the computer screen almost every time.

Here’s our schedule if you’re interested:

September 8th – We’ll finish packing up the condo and loading a truck

September 9th/10th – Driving to Birmingham

September 22nd/23rd – Sarah and I fly back into town to finish up little details around the house.

September 25th/26th – Drive to Birmingham

October 1st – My first day at Highlands

One of the most stressful is selling our condo soon. If you are interested or know of anyone, click here

We’d love to see you before we leave if possible. I’ll even let you help me carry a couch if you have time. 🙂


Another Absence Explained

Again, I apologize for the lack of blog posts. It’s been so busy and so much fun getting married and getting settled into the ole condo with my wife.

We had an amazing wedding. Sarah and I have gone over the details in our minds several times and there isn’t one thing that we would change. Everything from the Rehearsal Dinner to the Reception was so much fun. We really enjoyed all of it and are super grateful to our family and friends for their help, love and support. Special thanks to Aaron Stern for delivering one of the most meaningful wedding messages ever! Our family has received several calls and emails about how special his talk was and how encouraging it was to them.

And the honeymoon in Mexico was exquisite ( a few pictures below)…except for the part about flying with Continental Airlines. Getting home was quite possibly the worst flying experience in my life. I’ve flown internationally for the last 12 years and NEVER had a flight delayed for 8 hours and eventually canceled…all without telling the passengers what was actually happening. The three people handling passengers didn’t communicate properly with the passengers. They misspoke when they did try. At one point they told us that our flight may be canceled and we wouldn’t be able to fly out until Tuesday at the earliest (it was Saturday).

After they canceled our flight, we were taken to our hotel for the night. Except they sent us to the wrong hotel and it took 2 hours for Continental to get us a shuttle to our correct hotel (the Radison chain is not nearly as nice in Mexico). We slept for 2 hours and then took a cab back to the airport to get in line with 1,500 plus people trying to check in that morning only to find that our flight had been delayed yet again. Our flight crew didn’t even know they had been delayed. They sat in the waiting area with the rest of us waiting without any info! We finally made it back to Houston and tried to fly standby the rest of the day to Birmingham. Third time’s the charm and we got into Birmingham only 24 hours late.

I love my wife so much!! It was so awesome to travel with Sarah. She’s flown internationally as well so none of it was a big deal. In the midst of the craziness and yelling and cussing in the terminals we sat back and laughed at everyone…including the family of 4 that dropped $3,000 to fly to Indianapolis and then drive through the night to Detroit. It was right then and there we made one of our first Worster Family Rules: unless someone is being born, dying or some other life altering situation there is no reason to spend $3,000 to get on a plane.

An Absence Explained

dsc01984-11So there has been about a 2 month plus lack of blogging posts from me and for that I apologize. The last several months have been a whirlwind! There’s been lots of design work, purchasing a ring, the start of a new tour and the planning of an unforgettable first trip to Disney World for Sarah that included our engagement.

The big day is on April 9th, 2009 in Birmingham, Alabama. We took some engagement pics last week. Hope you enjoy them.

We also launched our own web page

Venice, Italy

Venice was a really cool city. Picturesque on almost every side. Great food everywhere. I found my new love… Pistacchio gelatto. So good. It’s amazingly easy to get lost in Venice, which we did several times. In the morning we walked by this really cool mask shop. We figured that all of them were mass produced and we’d see more later on in the day. Not true, this shop was one of a kind. Custom hand masks that far exceeded the rest of the shops.  We spent about 90 minutes trying to navigate ourselves back to the shop. It was quite a feat if I do say so myself.

Hand painted masks in Venice.

Hand painted masks in Venice.

It was a really fun time, but after about a day in Venice you’ve pretty much seen it. Sunday morning we sat in a little cafe having an early lunch before we flew back to Paris.  It was really funny watching the parade of tourists come off the cruise ships and walk down the cobblestone streets. I guarantee they didn’t have as good of naviagational skills as Michael.  Pictures abound…


Rome was really cool. The Italians seem to like their graffiti like no other place on earth, but the Collosseum and impressive fountains made up for it. The Sistine Chapel in Vatican City was unbelieveable. I had no idea it was that large of a painting, or the fact that it had so many scenes to it. I always thought that there was the creation of Adam scene and then some flying angels here and there. I was wrong. Couldn’t take pictures inside, so check it out on Wikipedia when you have some time.  I know this is a horrible update on what I did, hopefully I can tell you stories in person. In the meantime, check out the pics…

Disneyland Paris, Part Deux

Here’s a few pictures from my second trip to Disneyland Paris. When you’re in the neighborhood, you have to stop in and say hello.

The Coldplay Paris Experience

Somewhere around my college years, I realized I have spatial issues.  There’s an unseen bubble around me that when encroached upon freaks me out to no end.  Last night at the show, we had floor seats which means we stood in line outside and inside from 4:30pm until 11:30pm when the show ended.  15 minutes before the opening act started, there was a surge forward jamming me up against all those around me.  Bubble encroachment people!! After about 20 minutes of near panic and realizing there’s no way to escape this mayhem, I had to give myself over to it.  It was a fantastic time with some great music and 15,000 of my closest, sweatiest Parisian friends.  Here’s some pics…